Healthcare Market Segmentation
Develop messaging and positioning for your treatment, based on insights about physicians, patients and their motivations.

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Our resources and in-house expertise provide deep, qualitative understanding and insight, quantified using advanced statistical analysis. Ensure the most powerful attitudes and behaviours inform your launch decisions.

Key features

A holistic approach to patient and physician profiling

We profile the psychographic and demographic characteristics of groups that are most likely to respond to marketing.

Targeted products and messaging

Sophisticated multivariate and qualitative approaches to customise products and messaging to the needs of each segment.

Deep understanding of market dynamics

Insights around products, categories and audiences help to optimise your positioning and motivate use for your treatment.

More information

We take a holistic approach to identifying healthcare providers and patients, and the beliefs, affinities and requirements that shape their decision-making. We help you determine who to target, how to communicate with them, and how to best tailor your messages to motivate use.

We excel at bringing segments to “life” by the combined substance and style that distinguish our deliverables – deliverables driven by a deep understanding of the marketing problems you face in the context of the products, categories and audiences that make your competitive space unique.

We aim to fully integrate your segments into your organisation to maximise your success. We believe segments must resonate with every stakeholder that touches the brand and every customer should understand that their needs are the core focus of your organisation.

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