Brand Consulting for Pharma and Biotechs
Our Brand Plus™ Framework gives life science brands the expertise to optimise performance through the entire lifecycle.


We provide a consultative framework, harnessing a suite of unparalleled analytic solutions. Our framework for extending brands has two key elements: a consultative process, and the right solutions to generate relevant evidence to make the right decision in the right moment.

Key features

Robust analytics

Our market-leading data and analytics capabilities allow us to provide a deep understanding, exactly when you need it.

Continuous commitment

We partner with you for the entire journey, to ensure your brands continuously achieve their full potential.

A holistic approach to brand growth

Evolve brand access, experience, and execution strategies with your market to sustain peak performance.

More information

Assimilation: Compile a 360-degree point of view of the landscape, to support marketing activities.

Immersion: Prioritise and refine business objectives to confirm a high level evidence generation programme.

Evidence generation: Use Kantar primary and secondary research tools, using insights gathered from assimilation and immersion exercises, to generate evidence to fuel the activation and strategy session.

Activation and strategy: Collaborate with your peers during an interactive workshop to identify focus areas and next steps. Agree on an activation plan based on interpretation of results and prioritise actions.

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