We run free TGI Training sessions to inspire TGI subscribers to get the most out of the data. Please use the form below to sign up.

There are three main sessions on offer. Please note that in January and February 2022 training is via MS Teams and takes place 10-11:30am, followed by a data analysis session for Choices users 11:45am-12:45pm. From the beginning of March 2022 training will be face-to-face at our Gray's Inn Road headquarters, with training 10am-1pm, followed by data analysis for Choices users 2-4pm (please note IMS and Telmar users need only attend the morning session). 

  • Part 1 (with content tailored differently for agencies and media owners) - Gives an overview of basic TGI data manipulation. 
  • Part 2 - Shows you further content and analysis techniques 
  • Refresher - For those who have used TGI in the past but been away from it a while and could use a session to refresh their skills. 

Practical software sessions

Please note that for those who use Choices for their analysis of TGI data, these courses also include a software training session using TGI Choices Online.

If you don't access TGI via Choices Online but use another software supplier, please contact them directly to arrange training.

Other training options

Training is also available for other TGI studies (e.g. Premier TGI, TGI Europa & Youth TGI). For training on any of these please get in touch.

We also offer bespoke training on our analysis applications: Snapshot, Cluster & Correspondence, Media Report Viewer, Cross Media Planning and Searchlight. For training on any of these applications please get in touch.