A global network of 100+ million people – and growing! 

Understanding the behaviours and rationale behind what your target audiences think, feel, say and do is core to building stronger brands. But with so many consumer segments and data choices available, the numerous data compliance regulations worldwide and demise of third-party cookies, we are committed to getting insights into your hands faster by simplifying the collection and connection of data for you – compliantly.

With the Kantar Profiles Network, you have:

  1. Automated access to first-party data through a single access point
  2. Access to 100+ million research-ready respondents
  3. Local expertise and respondent access across 70+ markets
  4. Richer understanding of consumers with Enhanced Sample
  5. Exclusive access to Kantar’s LifePoints double opt-in panel

Fill out the form to download the Profiles book for more on:

  • Network respondents by market
  • Data protection and compliance  
  • Respondent validation, verification and honesty
  • Inclusivity and representivity of our audiences 
  • LifePoints, Kantar's proprietary double opt-in research panel