Experience all that Kantar's 4th October event had to offer, including:

  • WORLD EXCLUSIVE reveal of the 2023 UK Top 75 brands PLUS global insights and what this means for your business’ growth in 2024.  
  • MARK RITSON on defending differentiation as a branding prerogative.
  • PROVOCATION & debate with our breakthrough brand panel featuring The Marketing Society CEO Sophie Devonshire, Mark Ritson, Rebecca Dibb-Simkin CMPO at Octopus Energy Group, and Clare Hutchinson, CSO at VCCP.

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Kantar BrandZ Most Valuable UK Brands 2023

Martin Guerrieria, Head of Kantar BrandZ, and Adele Jolliffe, Head of Brand Consultants, Kantar

We revealed the results of the Kantar BrandZ Most Valuable UK Brands for 2023! Get an exclusive deep-dive from Martin and Adele into how the Global and UK’s Top 75 brands’ values changed in 2023 – and what this means for growth hungry businesses seeking to drive breakthrough growth in 2024.



Panel discussion – What breakthrough brands do differently in practice 

Sophie Devonshire, CEO at The Marketing Society, Mark Ritson and Rebecca Dibb-Simkin, CMPO at Octopus Energy Group, Clare Hutchinson, CSO at VCCP

Building breakthrough brands requires more than just theory. In this no-nonsense panel, you’ll hear exactly what it takes in practice to convert data and insights into breakthrough growth from those who’ve been there.


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Defending differentiation

Mark Ritson, Columnist, PhD Marketing & Founder of Marketing Week Mini-MBA

Once upon a time brands were warned to “differentiate or die”. Then the Ehrenberg Bass Institute swung the marketing pendulum wildly from one extreme to the other arguing ‘meaningless distinctiveness’ was the key. Mark disagrees. In this session, he challenges this thinking and explores how differentiation is a legitimate, incredibly valuable branding prerogative.




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IGNITE's expert voices

Mark Ritson

Columnist & PhD Marketing

Sophie Devonshire 


The Marketing Society

Adele Jolliffe

Head of Brand Consultants


Martin Guerrieria

Martin Guerrieria 

Head of Kantar BrandZ


Rebecca Dibb-Simkin

Rebecca Dibb-Simkin

Chief Marketing & Product Officer

Octopus Energy Group

Clare Hutchinson

Clare Hutchinson

Chief Strategy Officer


Jodie Gillary

Jodie Gillary

Head of Client Impact


Amy Cashman

Amy Cashman

UK Insights Executive Managing Director


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