Welcome to Kantar, where our commitment to streamlined and efficient transactions is a priority. As a valued supplier partnering with us, you'll discover our preferred method of procurement through Coupa, leveraging Coupa Widgets, requisition forms, and catalogues to ensure a smooth experience.
Introducing Candex for specific Suppliers: For a select group of suppliers, we've introduced an exclusive solution - Candex. This specialized platform is designed to cater to suppliers with an annual spend of less than $25,000, providing a seamless and efficient transaction process for occasional and ad hoc orders.


  • Simplified Transactions: Experience a simplified procurement process tailored to the unique needs of our smaller suppliers.
  • Swift Payments: Candex ensures prompt and timely payments for your services, facilitating a robust financial relationship.

Eligibility and Availability

Candex is exclusively available for suppliers working with Kantar with annual spend of less than $25,000 and expecting payments through this platform. This service is currently active in specific Coupa Markets, including the United States of America, Canada, United Kingdom,  Ireland, Netherlands, Spain, Germany, and Italy.

Find the Supplier Guide here.

For any questions or additional information, feel free to contact us

If you have technical questions about Candex, you can also reach out to support@candex.com.