Alexis Nasard ustępuje ze stanowiska prezesa (CEO)

26 kwietnia 2021

After a period of discussion with the Board, Alexis Nasard has decided to step down as CEO. Alexis, with the support of the board, has concluded that the nature of the Kantar role is not the long-term fit he and the Board had anticipated.

Ian Griffiths, Deputy CEO, will lead the company until a new CEO is appointed. Mr Nasard will be available to support Mr Griffiths and the Board in the transition until July 1, 2021.

Adam Crozier, Chairman of the Kantar board, commented “I thank Alexis for the positive contribution he made to Kantar. The company has made a strong start to 2021. We have signed a definitive agreement to acquire Numerator, a transformational investment for Kantar, have appointed new executives to key positions, have simplified the operating model, and are trading ahead of Q1 2020 and management plans.”