Why boomerang streamers matter

They are a highly competitive group that takes time to win back. Understanding their behavior is key to winning back streamers and retaining them.
21 June 2023
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hannah avery

Client Manager, ComTech, Worldpanel Division

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Boomerang streamers, people who quit and then return to streaming services within a year, are becoming a key component of the market. US data from our Entertainment on Demand panel shows that 16% of current subscribers have exhibited this behavior in the last year, with Apple TV most affected at 30%.

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Three out of four (74%) wait more than four months before returning, and they tend to subscribe to more services (7.8) than average streamers (5.5). And while they are generally happier than average with the interface provided by streaming services, they tend to be less satisfied with the volume or original content on offer, indexing just 70 compared to the total streaming audience.

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