Shopper motivations in the prescription drug channel

Understanding the pharmacy’s role in drug store retailers.
26 April 2019
Caroline Dumas

Shopper Insights Analyst

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With retail-wide disruption and uneven front-store sales, the pharmacy’s role has become more prominent in drug store retailers, and now dominates growth for all major players in the drug channel. While CVS and Walgreens have started initiatives to reinvigorate the struggling front store, it is far from a guarantee that these new pilots will spark growth. With the pharmacy so critical to a drug retailer’s performance, it is important to understand the Rx landscape and how well the drug channel’s major players are succeeding in gaining—and retaining—Rx shoppers.

Where are shoppers getting most prescriptions filled?
While CVS and Rite Aid remain stable as a destination for prescriptions, several retailers have lost share of prescription drug shoppers reporting filling most prescriptions there, with the most notable declines in Walgreens.

Note: Arrows indicate significant difference vs. 2017 (95% confidence level)
Source: ShopperScape®, August 2017 and 2018

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