Powerful performance monitoring for a global pharma brand

By combining brand optimisation frameworks, we provided insights around market dynamics, increasing brand equity, and getting brands to the right patients.


A global pharmaceutical company active in the diabetes therapy area sought to better understand the evolving market dynamics that could impact its portfolio of medicines.

The company wanted to acquire market intelligence about the unrealised opportunity for its first brand and create a roadmap for future brand success; to learn about the perceptions that are forming for a second brand and what the company can do to optimize its launch; and to determine the market dynamics for orally administered diabetes medicines and the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead for a third brand in its portfolio.

The company engaged Kantar, a global innovator in brand optimisation strategies.


Although our client’s needs varied considerably among the three products in focus, the common themes were to better understand market dynamics, provide insight into increasing brand equity, and get the brands to the right patients. While the company had an initiative to centralise its diabetes Awareness, Trial and Usage (ATU) research, its brands had their own studies – so drawing comparisons across brands and understanding and optimising the portfolio would be difficult. To effectively address our client’s business issues, Kantar needed to conduct a quantitative market research programme among diabetes treaters in the United States and EU5.


Through an innovative approach, we combined the best of Kantar assets to meet the project’s objectives. We incorporated our revolutionary Brand Equity – A Brand Plus™ Analytics solution, which through a proprietary analytical framework seamlessly integrates multiple information sources to allow companies to maximise brand opportunity, with Kantar’s Meaningfully Different Framework, a holistic brand equity measurement system that serves as the connective tissue to compare and benchmark performance between consumer and physician brands.

Thanks to our extensive healthcare and physician expertise as well as world-class experience in building great global brands we produced a powerful, best-in-class, brand performance monitoring framework. Our research provided key insight about how our client can better position its first brand in physicians’ minds and hearts, which tactics to employ to optimise the launch of a second brand, and how our client should develop strategies to support a third brand.


The unique combination of brand equity frameworks has delivered new benefits for optimising brand success with patients. This exciting offering presents an ideal fit for pharmaceutical brands that are influenced strongly by patient and consumer health brands. As patient influence continues to grow, Kantar’s Brand Equity – A Brand Plus™ Analytics solution -Meaningfully Different Framework should play an increasingly important role in helping our clients grow their brands.


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