Brand positioning research for an oncology therapy company

We helped our client better understand the market potential for a new product within its oncology franchise, leading to a successful product launch.


Decisions are only as good as the information behind them. That’s especially true when marketing a pharmaceutical product, as you need a clear view of all stakeholders and influencers to optimise commercial success for your brand.

A top 10 oncology therapy company wanted to better understand market opportunities for a new indication within its oncology franchise. The company engaged Kantar because of its expertise in brand positioning research and brand optimisation strategies, to help it better understand the market potential for a new indication and to define the brand strategy.


Kantar developed a new, innovative approach that paired two of its proprietary frameworks – Oncology Market Tracker (OMT) and Brand Plus™ Brand Equity solution – to deliver accurate market share information and provide strategic direction to maximise market opportunities.

The first-of-its-kind solution helped the client to fully prepare for, pilot and track performance on the launch of the new indication. Brand Plus™ Brand Equity was especially well suited for this brand optimisation strategy, as it allowed the brand team to understand the true growth opportunity for the brand and the actions the client needed to take to achieve the greatest value from pre-launch through launch.


Coupling this powerful brand equity framework with the granular share data gathered from OMT emboldened our client with confidence about how the world looked today and what strategic direction they should move in to maximise opportunity. Kantar’s impactful, tailor-made deliverables provided strong support to both global and affiliate teams. This successful engagement has helped our client to better understand their brand and opportunity gaps and facilitate research-backed strategic decisions.


Our client is now able to use this solution as a strategic tool. With great confidence in the market share data they receive, combined with brand equity insights to diagnose what is behind rising or falling shares, they can focus on what this means for their business, and what actions to take. By delivering unique insights that are shaping internal strategy and freeing up the team to work towards business growth, Kantar was able to meet the client’s expectations and empower them to optimise their product launch to achieve the best results and success for the brand.
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