Risk-Benefit Optimization

Medical risk evaluation and management to ensure risks are detected early and minimized, while benefits are optimized.

Scientific counselling, guidance & medical consultancy

Get help prior to FDA/EMA reviews, and around the communication of product safety and environmental risk issues.

Pioneering experience

We have an established record in global active safety surveillance and pharmacoepidemiology programs under the ENCePP seal.

Regulatory acceptance

ZEG Berlin, a Kantar company, is a founding member of ENCePP, and we use highly accepted and recommended study designs.

With accelerated approvals and regulatory focus on balancing the risks of treatment with benefits demonstrated by safety and effectiveness in medical practice, the need has never been greater for companies to be diligent when it comes managing risk over the full lifecycle.

Kantar has more than 30 years of clinical research experience and can design a customised study to meet the specific needs of your product or research area. Our solutions enable you to adhere to risk management requirements, establish evidence for safety & effectiveness, and assess health outcomes and economic benefits in various settings.

Featured solutions
Specialized research and consultancy to manage and prevent the known or potential risks associated with medicine.
Investigating the frequency of a medicine’s known adverse events and benefits in a population of real-life users.
Evaluate the probability and frequency of adverse events as part of post-marketing risk assessment for medical products.
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Quality Standards

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Clinical Publications

Over 1,500 scientific and peer-reviewed articles to further understanding in health research.
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