Health Economics and Outcomes Research (HEOR)
Get comprehensive research and data to evaluate patient outcomes, treatment patterns, resource utilization and costs.

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We help you evaluate the complete burden of illness—the clinical, social, and emotional effects of disease on people and society. We combine patient reported outcomes (PROs) with objective and clinical evidence about patients to identify unmet needs that that give you a competitive advantage.

Key features

A global leader for PROs and PRO instruments

We have more than 20 years of experience developing PRO instruments and generating evidence directly from patients.

Evidence generation for all stages of development

Our interdisciplinary teams work to anticipate and address your evidence requirements at every stage.

Market and disease-specific expertise

We pride ourselves on the depth of our therapeutic knowledge and have published more than 1,500 scientific articles.

More information
  • Patient-reported outcomes and the development of instruments
  • Clinical and comparative effectiveness studies
  • Market access and pricing strategy
  • Scientific publications
  • Health Technology Assessments


We have access to a broad range of data and use the correct sources to answer your question. We operate with efficiency and flexibility to deliver on your need.

NHWS is the largest self-reported general population patient survey covering health status, attitudes, behaviors and health outcomes measures.

ClaritisTM links patient reported outcomes with electronic health records and claims data, saving you the time and resources involved with a primary study.

The HERO Framework combines our understanding of people with evidence generated through all sources of health data, in order to provide a rich view of patients and the conditions they live with.