A decision support resource for oncology market analysis, strategic planning and identifying commercial opportunities.

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CancerMPact® is comprised of 4 web-based modules that cover epidemiology, drug utilization and treatment landscape for more than 30 tumor types in the United States, Western Europe, Japan and China. Modules are available individually or as a group by region.


Key features

Uncovering cancer patient populations

Patient Metrics offers best-in-class cancer epidemiology and proprietary patient calculations for target markets.

Analyzing physician decision-making

Treatment Architecture offers quantitative analysis of oncology drug utilization across all cancer disease stages.

Evaluating current and future drug competitors

Future Trends and Insights offers expert analysis of the competitive landscape with focus on ongoing clinical trials.

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Treatment Architecture assesses the current clinical management of cancer patients by site and stage for all treatment modalities – including surgical, radiologic and systemic agents, as well as untreated patient populations. Treatment Architecture also provides benchmarks from clinical data to highlight the factors contributing to standard-of-care designations. Drug utilization is captured for all treatment settings and lines of therapy and by patient type in tumors where biomarkers have segmented the drug market.

Future Trends and Insights explores potential changes in treatment practices in the U.S., Western Europe and Japan based on an evaluation of recently published clinical data, regulatory advances/setbacks and ongoing clinical trials. It identifies key trends in each tumor market, which can comprise new product introductions or label expansions of marketed products. It also ascertains and quantifies unmet needs for each cancer while continuously monitoring the competitive environment.

Biomarker Analysis is a global resource based on a thorough review of literature and recently published data that discusses the current and evolving oncology landscape with regard to biomarker segmentation and geographic, survival, ethnic, racial and gender differences.

Patient Metrics Core – U.S., Western Europe, Japan, China – combines epidemiologic data and analysis to estimate incidence (annual new cases of cancer) by stage; restaged 10-year prevalence (annual surviving cancer patients from up to 10 years prior that accounts for progression to later stages); active disease (estimate of treatment-eligible patients by stage that does not include early-stage patients in remission); and treated patient populations by modality (surgery, radiation, drug therapy, etc.), drug regimens, and drug agents. Patient Metrics – Expanded Markets combines epidemiologic data and analysis to estimate incidence (annual new cases of cancer) by stage; 5-year prevalence (annual surviving cancer patients from up to 5 years prior to diagnosis); and treatable patients for 17 tumor types by country for Argentina, Brazil, Canada, India, Mexico, Russia, South Korea, Taiwan and Turkey.

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