Cancerology: Detailed Real-World Data on Onco-Haematology
A cross-sectional study with retrospective elements conducted by Kantar every two years.

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Granular data are needed to understand cancer patient profiles, including how treatments are used, as well as their performance. Cancerology covers the EU5 countries. It is nationally representative, readily available for research, covers oncology and hematology and includes all main cancers.

In numbers

732 units in the screening phase
320 physicians involved in the intensive phase
4,845 CRFs filled

Key features

Save time and resources

Cancerology data are readily available, saving you the time and resources involved with a custom study.

Comprehensive data on health outcomes

Get comprehensive data to evaluate patient outcomes, treatment patterns, resource utilisation and costs.

Broad disease coverage

Cancerology covers 20 solid tumors and haematologic malignancies including, breast cancer, NSCLC, leukemias and more.

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