Accurate and holistic analysis on the incidence, distribution, and control of diseases and factors relating to health.

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The challenge isn’t finding the number – it’s finding the right number, understanding the inherent biases and identifying the strongest sources of information to support your decisions. We help you evaluate opportunities and strengthen your pipeline by providing comprehensive and reliable epidemiology data.

Key features

Explicit details about flows and assumptions

We document sources, so you can view and defend how we estimated the target population and why it’s the best measure.

Comprehensive and robust data sources

We have efficient and flexible access to a broad range of data, using the right sources to answer your question.

Broad commercial applications

Our experts work seamlessly across disciplines to address a broad range of commercial challenges.

More information

We have experience in thousands of disease states, and a long history of custom epidemiology studies and syndicated decision support tools. We work collaboratively across functions to address many commercial challenges.

  • Quantifying market potential in patient flow models
  • Prioritizing drug discovery
  • Mapping out additional indications for in-line products
  • Identifying unmet needs in previously untapped markets
  • Assessing licensing opportunities


We use a number of sources to support our epidemiology engagements, including our priorietary data sets, Epi Database®, CancerMpact®, NHWS, and ClaritisTM, as well as peer-reviewed medical literature, government databases, national registries, self-reported patient surveys, and medical chart audits.

We pride ourselves on the depth of our therapeutic knowledge, including oncology and rare diseases, on a global, national, regional and local level. We have published more than 1,500 studies in scientific and peer-reviewed journals.

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