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Get the vital reputation intelligence information that PR, communications and corporate affairs teams need, in one platform.

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Our Kantar Reputation platform brings together forward planning, media targeting and distribution, monitoring, analytics and social engagement. These applications all work together to enable communications and marketing teams to plan, execute, monitor and analyze their earned media campaigns.

Key features

Mastering your earned media activities 

Our platform combines robust media insights with powerful capabilities and a great user experience. 

Real-time data for reputation management

Be alerted and always have real time, cross-media data at your fingertips, to make good and informed decisions.

Dynamic customized reporting, easy to share

Keep key stakeholders informed. Share personalized dashboards with relevant insights to demonstrate PR's added value.


More information

They can plan, manage, monitor, measure and analyze brand reputation activities across a range of clients, all from one place. They can react quickly to crises.

Results can be tracked with real-time 24/7 data and regular alerts. Multiple accounts for different clients are easy to manage. Client reporting has never been so efficient.

They can use real-time information to inform swift decisions about what’s really happening: to understand, measure and plan all activities across earned media.

Corporate affairs teams can improve ongoing communications strategy and shape the response when managing a crisis. And keep all internal and external stakeholders up to speed.

They can manage, monitor, analyze and measure effective marketing and brand campaigns using real-time data.

Brand and marketing managers can illustrate insights on performance, and use the analysis to demonstrate returns on investment, optimize budget allocation to support sale and generate demand.

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