Revolut shows how to build a unique identity by understanding its original Difference

11 juni 2024
Kantar BrandZ Revolut header

Strong growth in Difference between 2022 and 2023 for Revolut

Revolut launched in 2015 and has become Europe’s largest neobank – a digital only bank with no reliance on physical branches with over 30 million customers worldwide.

With an already strong Difference score, the bank managed to increase their point of difference further into 2023 alongside Salience. Their global campaign launched in autumn 2022 has no doubt helped contribute to this growth.

Revolut brand equity trend

Revolut MDS

Source: Kantar BrandZ, UK, Financial Services, 2022-2023

The brand’s communication showcases its point of difference

Revolut’s ad showcases numerous different people, with a variety of different situations that are tied together with one key message: of using Revolut to ‘break’ their way into any situation.

The ad highlights the different products Revolut offers, while being relatable to a larger audience and showing the product’s ease of use. As such the  ad shows what makes the bank Different.

Revolut proves its credentials as a mobile only bank and category disruptor

Consumers perceive Revolut as having a strength in being better online and no mobile, something the brand didn't have as strength in 2022. Clear associations with shaking things up and leading the way make the brand one to watch in the future as it shapes the banking landscape in the UK.

These strengths for Revolut have positioned the brand strongly as Distinguished, helping it stand out as unique against its competition.

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