In today’s challenging economic environment, with rising inflation and declining ad spend, marketers are under more pressure than ever to do more with less. However, marketing effectiveness has been declining for decades, despite the emergence of digital channels enabling marketers to close the loop.

A recent study by Kantar and Marketing Week, titled “The Language of Effectiveness,” found that three key challenges are hindering marketing effectiveness:

— Short-termism: Marketers are increasingly pressured to focus on short-term sales results, rather than long-term brand building.
— A creative blindspot: Marketers often underestimate the importance of creative execution, and they don’t invest enough in developing and testing creative ideas.
— A disconnect between marketers and their boards: Marketers and their boards often have different perspectives on what marketing delivers, which can lead to a lack of alignment and investment in marketing.

Kantar has been working in marketing effectiveness for over 50 years, and we have helped thousands of organisations improve their marketing results. Our playbook, “The Marketing Effectiveness Playbook,” captures some of our learnings and provides practical insights on how you can make your marketing more effective.

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Marketing Effectiveness through the wide lens

The playbook covers a wide range of topics, from the brief and media planning to creative execution and measurement. It also includes case studies from real-world organisations that have successfully improved their marketing effectiveness.

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