Discover the most powerful way to make creative work.

LINK+ is the most powerful, flexible solution for evaluating and optimising creative, giving you the insight to create stronger ads that increase sales and build brand value. It brings together the speed of automation with the ability to tailor your project, so you get results in as few as 6 hours – fine-tuned to your campaign objectives. Whether you need a quick go/no-go decision or detailed insight to guide early creative development, LINK+ can be configured to measure only the KPIs that matter to you.

Develop the most impactful creative.

When you test your ads early in the creative development process, you can increase effectiveness by up to 12%. LINK+ amplifies the power of your advertising by delivering on your testing needs throughout the creative lifecycle. Whether you’re exploring initial storyboard concepts, fine-tuning animatics or double-checking that your final execution is launch-ready, you can rely on LINK+ to help you bring the best creative ideas to life.

Stay in command of how you work. Tap into little or as much support as you need, with self-serve and serviced options so you can do it yourself or benefit from the guidance of Kantar experts at any step of the way.

Access insights at the speed of business.

LINK+ delivers, whether you want to know if your ad will drive incremental short-term sales or build your brand equity in the long term. LINK+ puts decision-quality insights at your fingertips, so you can move as fast as your business demands. View your project results in a dynamic, easy-to-use dashboard so you can start planning your next move immediately. And enable rapid, iterative learning with a single source of truth for all your projects where you can gain additional insight from analysing creative performance across campaigns.

Act and react with confidence.

LINK+ is backed by the world’s largest ad testing database of 250,000 ads and a global network of creative experts with decades of experience understanding how to create effective advertising. Embedded in the solution is Kantar’s proven brand equity framework, which has been validated to predict sales and brand growth.

Augmented by the latest facial coding and neuroscience techniques, LINK+ also gives you the power to measure the emotions your ads create. Act with confidence that your ads will deliver on your commercial objectives.

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LINK+ is the most powerful way to make creative work.

Discover the most flexible ad testing solution on the market. Find out how it can quickly help you develop and deliver the most impactful creative that will increase your sales and build brand value.
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The benefits of LINK+

Unparalleled flexibility

Test and optimise across the creative lifecycle, looking at only the metrics that matter for your campaign.


Insights you can trust

Act confidently, informed by best-in-class creative testing benchmarked on the largest normative creative database in the industry.

Speed without compromise

Get tailored insights without compromising on speed of delivery. Results are available in as few as 6 hours.



Industry-leading brand equity framework

Choose the only solution on the market that has been proven to predict sales and brand growth.

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