Product testing

Test new products in a real-life environment with Product eValuate.

Available as a semi-automated, serviced-only solution

Bar charts
Bar charts

Fine tune new products before launch.

Test new products with your target audience faster and at a lower cost than traditional product tests. Identify your product’s strengths and weakness using a real-life environment and know which features are likely to drive purchase. 
Product testing

Improve existing products. 

Understand the appeal and strength of your product in different usage moments so you can fine tune accordingly. Look at norms and benchmarks to understand where you stand relative to similar products. 

Product testing

Get actionable product feedback from real consumers. 

Look deeper at people’s usage experiences with user-generated video diaries, reviews and in-context feedback. A live, interactive dashboard lets you view the results upon completion of the first review. 

Product testing

Evaluate the incremental growth potential of innovations.  

Understand the long-term potential of new products by looking at top-line growth metrics and their impact on your total portfolio. Get insight that can help to guide product launches so that your innovations are more likely to succeed.  

In-home product testing for rapid innovation  


Rich and varied insights 

Explore consumer feedback through a combination of reviews, ratings and video diaries, for a deep understanding of user experiences. 

Idea testing

In-context testing 

Run tests backed by the world’s largest online product review and ratings community, Home Tester Club, with over 2.4 million members. 

Results at your fingertips 

Results are immediately available in a live interactive dashboard, with an optional report 24 hours after the final interview. 


Expert support 

An expert team will guide you, so you can quickly interpret test results and act with confidence to fine tune and launch products. 

How to get started 


Create an account 

Use your Kantar Marketplace account to request studies right when you need them. 


Launch your study 

An expert will contact you to set up your product test based on your exact needs. 


Get results fast 

View your results in a live dashboard so you can analyse the findings in near real-time. 

Pricing and availability

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Factors that may impact final price include:

- Number of products tested
- Whether products have special requirements
- Incidence rate of target buyers

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