Reducing pressure on emergency services in Paris

Regional Health Agency Ile-de-France asked Kantar to apply their behaviour change expertise to inform a new campaign to relieve pressure on their emergency services.


Paris’s Ile-de-France hospital emergency services are overcrowded, which puts huge pressure on service providers. Alternative treatment solutions are often available but are insufficiently accessed by patients. 


The Kantar behaviour change model was used to diagnose what was driving patient behaviour and decision making in relation to the use of accident and emergency hospital services.


The study revealed an opportunity to improve public understanding of the emergency phone number ‘15’. The majority of people believed the number could only be used for an acute emergency - such as a heart attack - not to just seek advice from a doctor.


Our client launched a new campaign to build this understanding amongst the targeted group of Parisian citizens, based on Kantar’s recommendations to work on people’s reluctance to use the phone number ‘15’.

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