In 2022, Kantar Insights conducted the second edition of the Sustainability Sector Index, a global survey of over 30,000 consumers across 32 countries. Our study reveals which commitments consumers expect from the finance and insurance industries.

At the core of the most important issues to be tackled by companies operating in these sectors are:

  • Companies’ carbon footprint
  • The fight against poverty and increasing financial inequalities

We want to help you manage these challenges by sharing:

Sector Insights

Our Sector experts will share insights on some key themes for the Finance and Insurance industry, like SRI and customer inequalities.

Brand Insights

Our Analytics experts also recently conducted an in-depth analysis of the Kantar BrandZ database –the largest Brand database in the world. They will unveil how banking and insurance brands can best build their brand equity.

Digital insights

Kantar Analytics’ experts have screened consumers’ queries related to these sustainability issues on Google across 5 years and on a global scale (except for China). We will dive into the results to help you identify the most widely searched topics and vulnerable spots for your sector.

Companies perspectives

Last but not least will we interview a variety of companies on these topics, where they will share their views and initiatives to build their brands in the current context of high inflation and demand for social and environmental responsible behaviour.

If you need help navigating this uncertain situation, contact us.

Roman Ptaszynski   Iris_Houtepen
 Roman Ptaszynski

Deputy Head of Analytics

Central & Southern Europe

Iris Houtepen

Head of Analytics,