Real-World Data: PROs, Claims and Health Records

Data and evidence for a comprehensive view of patients, globally.
Real World Data Health Kantar

Establish value early on

Substantiate the value of your treatment to payers, physicians, and patients.

Accelerate post-marketing activities

Generate evidence quickly to support new indications, scientific differentiation, and product positioning.

Demonstrate long-term safety and effectiveness

Satisfy regulatory requirements to prove your product is safe and the benefits of treatment outweigh the risks.

Real-world data is crucial to decision making, when used in conjunction with clinical trials and other commercial or research activities. We deliver comprehensive insights from our data to:

  • Define and understand patient sub-populations, including patients with rare diseases
  • Quantify and describe patient characteristics
  • Understand and define patient and disease pathways, including treatment patterns
  • Compare patient cohorts longitudinally
  • Assess burden of disease.
Featured solutions
Gain valuable insight from the largest database of projectable, self-reported, patient outcomes and health information.
Transform big data into a holistic patient view by leveraging real-world evidence data sets from around the world.
A cross-sectional study with retrospective elements conducted by Kantar every two years.