Advertising Intelligence

Get personalised advertising competitive intelligence to understand brand media strategies and make informed decisions.
advertising intelligence

See the full picture

Get insights across traditional (TV, print, radio, outdoor) and digital (online, mobile, video, social, search) media.

Monitor your competitors

Receive alerts on competitor activities, benchmark budget spending, and get early visibility on messaging and creative.

Get timely data, globally and locally

Connected data on brand activities, messaging, media performance, and share of voice across advertising formats.

Connect insights to returns

Track campaign performance and share of media spend, plus  industry trends and spend patterns, to identify opportunities.
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Connected data about what brands are saying and spending across media channels, to inform strategy and boost performance.
Unlock actionable insights in real time and get strategic information on advertising performance faster, to stay ahead of your competition.
Media Trends and Predictions 2023
Get a clear view on some of the biggest trends in the media world, to help guide you through a period of recovery and innovation.
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