Operations, Czech Republic

I love the fresh, innovative, fast-paced and stimulating environment.
Julie A, Czech Republic

I work in an operational role with Kantar in Prague. My day-to-day job involves supporting my team (troubleshooting) on various research projects, making sure that the team follows strategy aligned with Kantar’s objectives, participating in innovations (testing, implementing new tools), presenting the work of the Link Research Centre outside of the company (visiting universities, organizing charity events, etc.), participating on global pitches for new clients and suggesting and implementing better ways of working for clients that make the process with them more efficient.

I have been part of the core team that helped with development of a Survey Automation tool that massively helps to run projects faster and more efficiently globally. Based on user testing and experiences on live projects, the core team and I suggested changes for improvements that helped to develop the product to its final stage. I also created step-by-step guidelines on how to use the tool. As of 2018, I am the Link Research Centre ambassador for a major client – my day-to-day responsibility is to review all the projects for this client that came our way, making sure they are run and delivered according to the client's standards. It is an extremely enriching experience to do the operational part of all projects for such a big brand!

I studied sociology so I was always interested in research in general – while finishing my studies I worked for a local Czech market research company and after I graduated I started in Link Research Centre in Kantar as a Project Manager, then switched to a Research Executive role, developing into a Senior Research Executive and Team Manager until recently, when I got promoted to Associate Director. I love the fresh, innovative, fast-paced and stimulating environment. I’ve never felt stuck in my development (both personal and professional) and I’ve always felt like I am growing. I also love the professionalism of everyone in Kantar; it makes me feel like everything that I do here has a value.