Health, Brazil

The work we do really makes a positive difference in the world around us.
Eloisa M, Brazil

I am the Clinical & Real World Research Director for Kantar’s Health division in Brazil.

My role involves mostly generating scientific evidence to be used by different types of stakeholders during drug development and incorporation by the private and public healthcare systems. Our clients are pharmaceutical companies (Medical Affairs, Clinical Research and Market Access areas), physicians, hospitals, and medical societies.

One of the things my team and I love to do is working in collaboration with other Kantar divisions in Brazil or around the world. Recently, we conducted a non-interventional study in Brazil that was part of a global study on Head & Neck Cancer (HNC). The global study was coordinated by Kantar Health France and it took more than one year to be completed. We collected data from about HNC treatment patterns and other outcomes from around 10 hospitals (public and private) in different country regions. It will be interesting to see how the data compare with those from other countries.

I graduated in Biology and have a PhD and post-doctoral degrees in Human Molecular Genetics. For the first 10 years of my career I worked with molecular diagnostics and academic (pre-clinical) research. Eight years ago, while working in those areas in the research department of a hospital in Sao Paulo, I was invited to join a small company that provided consultancy in clinical research. That’s how I got involved in this new area.

The work we do really makes a positive difference in the world around us, and it’s fantastic to be part of a team pioneering the future of healthcare research.