Health, USA

The work I do impacts the development of cutting-edge pharmaceuticals for patients with a high unmet need.
Anna B, USA

As Associate Consultant, in the Saint Louis office of the Health division, I help our clients understand the complex oncology market. This includes gathering the information we have at hand and creatively applying it to inform solutions to our client’s business questions; synthesizing complex, highly technical information into meaningful, easily digested insights; and critically thinking about data we gather in the context of the current market landscape. I do this in two different capacities: maintaining our syndicated offering, CancerMPact, and diving deep into our client’s business questions in custom engagements. Custom projects can involve interviewing key stakeholders, such as oncologists and specialised physicians, secondary research using literature and official company documents, forecasting, due diligence, or any combination of these!

One of my favorite engagements was one where we analyzed the top 10 oncology companies globally to evaluate what made them leaders in the field – we looked at everything from salesforce organisation, to number of agents and indications in the companies’ oncology pipelines, to media content and spend on various channels, with the help of the Media Division. I have recognised that the work I do impacts the development of cutting-edge pharmaceuticals for patients with a high unmet need, which is fantastic.

I came to Kantar after working in a research lab doing molecular biology experiments for five years – a drastically different job from my current one. I’ve been able to transfer some of the skills I learned there to a totally new type of work. Now, I do a new type of research, uncovering drivers of treatment decisions, unmet needs, willingness to adopt, competitive positioning, therapy utilisation rates, and product perceptions for various cancer therapies in the global market through our syndicated offer, CancerMPact, and custom engagements with our clients.

Part of what satisfies me with my work at Kantar is the need to think critically, strategically, and analytically to make sure our clients have a thorough answer to their questions. Of course, I don’t do this in a vacuum. My job is enhanced by the support of my teammates, and through our collaboration we are able to provide innovative solutions to our client’s needs.