Realidade Virtual & Rastreamento Ocular
Use a tecnologia da realidade virtual e rastreamento ocular para entender como as pessoas tomam decisões e se envolvem com o conteúdo.


We combine our expertise in human understanding with advanced technologies to recreate decision making and understand how people react at an automatic emotional level. Get closer to people and understand how they respond in real life situations, to inform your brand, innovation and shopper initiatives.

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Key features

Deep expertise

Our insights and consulting experts worldwide use technology to help understand how people really think and act.

Scalable solutions

With the world’s largest library of over 130 3D virtual environments, we help you make fast decisions with confidence.

Leading partnerships

We partner with leading providers like Eye Square for state-of-the-art eye tracking technology and applications.

More information

We use scalable virtual reality environments to test initiatives quickly and cost-effectively. With the world’s largest library of over 130 3D virtual environments, including many of the world’s leading retailers, our experts help you make fast decisions with confidence.

Shopper eValuate uses virtual reality environments (for bricks and mortar) or the latest digital observation technology (for ecommerce) to replicate the moment of purchase and provide a genuine understanding of how people will behave.

Pack Create uses world-class virtual reality and intuitive Type 1 thinking to allow category shoppers to build a pack that meets their individual needs.

Eye Tracking can be used to provide in depth insights in many areas including creative testing, direct or editorial marketing, TV show research, website or product user experience, understanding shopper experiences and improving pack performance. It helps diagnose which elements of an execution are working best, and answers questions like:

  • Which areas are attracting most attention?
  • Where do people look first, and where do they go from there?
  • Is my brand being noticed or is it being ignored?

We partner with Eye Square to use their state-of-the art technology.

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