Category Management

Identify growth opportunities, deliver shopper-centric category innovation and achieve greater success with new products.


The Category Management solution uses retail and shopper insights, advanced analytics and virtual reality to deliver a powerful category management environment that enables the full process, supports collaboration with customers, and contextualises category growth recommendations at scale.


50% reduction in time spent on range reviews
3% increase in revenues thanks to space and assortment optimisation capabilities
20% decrease in overheads from true process automation

Key features

Addressing category potential

Shopper-centred plans to help gain clarity over quantification and growth trends for the category.

Engaging retailers and driving credibility

Get a category-centric view to correctly share information with the retailer.

Quantifying the impact of new concepts before launch

Virtual reality and planograms are used to quickly quantify the impact of new retail concepts before launch.

  • assortment and space optimisation based on different metrics and constraints,
  • what-if scenario planning,
  • virtual reality environment for test and collaboration with stakeholders,
  • storyboarding capabilities,
  • assisted merchandising to quickly scale recommendations to a wide number of stores, 
  • advanced analytics to identify growth opportunities.